Brooke’s HLB Experience

Sep 20, 2023

I cannot adequately express what a delight it was to meet and work with Brooke! Ahead of her session she had told me that she is more goofy than sexy. I think you’ll see she had that wrong! 🙂 Her playful side came out during the shoot and we had a lot of laughs… but it also created gorgeous, sexy images. Scroll through to see for yourself and hear what Brooke had to say about working with The HLB Studio.

What made you choose The HLB Studio for your boudoir experience?

A long-time friend of mine has gotten photos done by The HLB Studio several times and has always loved the experience that Alicia gives. As someone who has been struggling to feel like myself after COVID, I wanted to try something a little out of the box for myself.

How were you feeling going into the experience?

The day of my shoot, I was a little apprehensive, as anyone would be who was about to take sexy photos for the first time. I had spoken to Alicia several times through email and over the phone so meeting her was like seeing an old friend. Once I arrived, she made me feel welcomed and melted away any self-doubt I had about how the shoot would go. I loved feeling pampered with hair and make-up and the pre-shoot mimosa gave me all the extra courage. Alicia gave me sneak peeks of photos through the camera during the shoot, finding my best angles and hyping me up whenever she could. She curated a music playlist for the shoot and helped choose the outfits through the progression of the few hours we spent together. Overall, I can’t think of a better human being to take care of such an intimate experience. 

How do you feel now that you’ve had this experience with The HLB Studio?

Since taking the pictures, I have finally felt more like myself again. She helped remind me of my beauty after being stuck in the healthcare rut of COVID. I’ve loved the new self-esteem and confidence boost it’s given me.

What is one thing that you will takeaway/take with you from this experience?

I think coming from this experience I was able to take away that although I am a goofy person, I am also able to feel and be sexy. In my head, those two traits seemed to contradict but after this experience, I have realized that it’s a fun combination! 

Hair and Makeup by BmoreGorgeous. To learn more about boudoir, join my VIP Facebook Group here.



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